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It does not matter if you are looking to patch some dings in the walls or want to replace a whole panel; Handyman Las Vegas provides expert drywall installation and drywall repair Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We provide superior and high-quality job deserving of your home with friendly, honest drywall repair and installation services throughout the process – from a free estimate for your project upfront.

All our drywall repair and installation are done by a skilled drywall professional. We will walk you in the whole process to give a flawless experience. Call us or request a free estimate to get started.

We offer professional drywall repair and drywall installation service in Las Vegas, so contact us today.

Our drywall painting professional is well-trained in repairing or replacing your drywall and refinishing the surface with any wallpaper covering, paint, or specialty finish of your preference. We are your one-stop-shop for all drywall repair needs – from small punch-in holes to hanging new drywall panels, attaching, cutting, and using a final skim coating as well as sanding.

We have built a specialized reputation by offering a superb customer service experience. Prior to applying the paint of your choice to the wall and prior to completing the surface preparation, our professional painters can help you with your drywall repairs need to bring you the best possible finished job.

We Offer a Wide Array of Drywall Repairs Service

Las Vegas Handyman Drywall Repair

Drywall damage can occur easily. If you have utilized a nail to hang up a frame or had your doorknob put a scratch into a wall, you know just how fragile this surface can be. While it might look like a no big deal, even the smallest hole can be visible. Once these holes and harmed parts are not well-covered up prior to the painting job, they will be even more apparent or visible. Our painter’s drywall experts will be more than happy to assist you fix these issues. It is one of the numerous ways; we will amaze and wow you.

Drywall damage does not only come from excessively rambunctious kids or inept adults. Damage most often happens naturally and in more subtle ways than you may think. Here are some of the common causes of drywall damage:

  • Popping nails
  • Small punch-in holes from nails
  • Loosened up a joint tape
  • Furniture scuffs
  • Cracks from settling
  • Damage from the removal of tile
  • Damage from mold or moisture
  • Everyday wear and tear
  • Damage from rodent
  • Damage from kids
  • Holes from drywall anchors

Our handyman services include exterior painting to match the rest of the wall. Our expert painter Las Vegas will assist you in looking for the exact color of pain and match the original wall texture for a perfect and flawless look.

Small Holes Drywall Repair: These are holes that are smaller than a dime, which will not need an invasive repair procedure. We will just fill the hole using a high-quality filler material and paint it when it cures.

Medium to Large Hole Drywall Repair: Our drywall contractors will access the affected area to find a long-term solution. In most cases, we can make a path with wire mesh, or we may use a small drywall patch.

Drywall Panel Replacement: Once the damage is serious, we will replace the panel. Worry no more as once the panel is set up, we will tape, mud as well as sand the seams for a flawless look.

Sheetrock, drywall, plasterboard, gypsum board, or whatever you call it, we can replace it. Also, we offer ceiling repair service to Henderson NV and beyond.

For any project, the drywall repair Las Vegas at the Handyman Las Vegas has you covered. We offer drywall repairs, ceiling drywall repair, installations, touch-up, customization, and more to fix and improve ceilings and walls in your home. We can fix discoloration from watermarks or moisture, repair damages performed to the wall like marks and nicks, repair nail pops and tape seams, and patch up and repair any holes in your ceiling and walls. When the project is completed, your walls will look good new again. To get rid of the hassles that might cause inconvenience to you, our drywall repair Las Vegas expert is even able to handle the removing of the pesky wallpaper.

To perfect the drywall repair job, we can complete the job with a thorough texture to match the current surface, prime as well, like painting the drywall to finish. You would not be able to know and spot the damage, holes, and stains used to be after our superior and detailed work is done. If you need new drywall repairs, etc., Handyman Las Vegas is the drywall contractor to call. Your drywall and ceiling repair will be completed and will be personalized to your exact requirements for a convenient and stress-free experience as your drywall repairs will be done before you know it.

Is It Better to Replace or Repair Drywall?

Las Vegas Handyman Drywall Repair Supervisor

If you reside in a modern Las Vegas home, the chances are that your walls and ceilings are made of affordable or low-cost drywall. This product is perfect for homes walling as it is easy to set up and does not cost a lot. Certainly, it has grown in fame over the years. But it is not impervious to harm like dings and dents. Homeowners, most of the time, speculate on how to tell if they must just repair their drywall or replace it.

If you have some parts of your home, which might require drywall replacement, here are some of the ways to know if you can replace the area or if you can fix or repair


In due course, it is common to see that the walls accumulate some holes. These might come from twists and rotate in the wall or banging the furniture by chance into the wall. Luckily, small to medium holes can fix or patch. There is a possibility that you can determine where this part was fixed or repaired, though.

There are instances the holes are big enough, or you might have lots of holes, which are close together. In this case, you are jeopardizing the structural reliability and veracity of the drywall to try to patch in these parts. It would be good to replace the whole sheet of drywall.


Usually, this is an indication of a bigger problem that must be fixed and addressed. Most often, they are caused by a misplaced seam in which there is a high pressure on this part. A lot of homeowners see cracks develop around the doors and windows. While drywall repair can surely fix the cracks cosmetically, it might not last for the long haul.

The perfect choice is to replace the drywall in this area and correct the distribution of the pressure around the door frames or windows. Not like small drywall repairs that can be handled by a homeowner, correcting damages or cracks must be left to professional drywall contractors. 

Water Damage

Do you experience flooding in your home? In this case, a lot of homeowners will instantly think that their drywall required scraping. They expect the possibility of mildew and mold growth, which can have serious medical implications.

Depending on the harshness of the leak or flood or how high up on the wall it reached, you can just allow the drywall to dry out. Discoloration might occur. However, this is not risky and does not need replacement. You can just paint it to make it look good fresh and new.

In some cases that include major flooding, you might see that the drywall is apparently damaged. It may bulge from the water, which it is holding, simply collapse or crumble into dust. Once you experience a major pipe burst or flooding because of a natural disaster, this is relatively possible. This water damage will need replacement in large parts. Call the drywall contractors to assists you in discarding the old drywall and get a new installed quickly.

Drywall Repair vs. Replacement

handyman las vegas dry wall repairThe perfect time and place come for drywall installation or replacement and drywall repair. Knowing which one your need can be tricky; however, these guidelines must provide you a starting point. In case you are not certain if you need a drywall repair Las Vegas or drywall replacement for your Las Vegas home, it is time to consult a professional drywall contractor.

Can Drywall be Repaired?

Yes. Drywall can be repaired. A drywall sheet is susceptible to breaking as well as crumbling, however, can be fixed easily with drywall compound and a bit of sanding and painting. This project must be handed over to professional drywall contractors for a fast and effective repair.

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